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Everyday Blind Parents

Nov 1, 2018

In this episode, we talk about what blind parents can do to foster a good working relationship with their child’s teacher from the school’s perspective. Join me as I talk with three elementary school staff members. We address such topics as how to communicate needs with your child’s teacher effectively, filling out important paperwork, , tackling homework challenges, overcoming blindness barriers in an effort to get involved in your child’s classroom and school environment, and so much more. We hope this episode will inspire you to sit down and talk with your child’s teachers to find a meaningful way to provide for your own needs as a blind parent which will in turn help you effectively meet your child’s educational needs.


Show Notes

* Resources mentioned in the episode:

1. Reminder App

(Please note:  This app is fairly accessible, but there are some buttons that are unlabeled and a few accessibility hang ups with voice over.  Overall though, it seems to be usable.  )

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