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Everyday Blind Parents

Sep 1, 2018

In this episode, we interview two blind mothers: Stacy Cervenka and Jessica Reed who are each pregnant with their second child.  We talk about  the impact blindness can have on your pregnancy and birth experience from dealing with social perceptions, medical staff,  and the birth experience itself.  We share advice on how to advocate for yourself and the needs of your partner and new child, including ways to make information and experiences more "blind friendly", and we discuss ideas and helpful resources for adjusting to life as a new parent, including some helpful strategies and valuable resources to support you in caring for a new baby when you are blind. 


Show Notes:

Making it on the Playground: Memoirs of a Blind Mom


National Federation of the Blind

The NFB has a division for Blind Parents along with other helpful resources, including the literature discussed in the episode.


Facebook groups for blind parents mentioned in this episode: 

*Blind Parent Alliance 

*Blind Parents Connect